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Odes by Nimrod

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Odes by Nimrod

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The four thematic items (two of two words) that run clockwise around the silvered perimeter from the starred cell are the subjects of as-yet-unwritten odes. The titles of two other imaginary odes are spelt by single letters yielded by the wordplay in each clue. Upon completion of the grid, solvers must highlight a fifth thematic item; then enter under the grid a well-known three-word phrase to complete the title of another unwritten ode and an alternative title for the puzzle. One answer is an abbreviation; 11 is verifiable online.

8 Different, SAS men, to many professionals (11)
9 Bill’s loving partner at home frames picture (4)
10 Rubbish city at night-time? (5)
13 The finale in Edinburgh, we performed at Fringe (4)
14 Looking back, one’s owed this silver ornament (4)
15 Young woman on board touring Ireland (4)
16 Filter alight on platform European put out (5)
17 American who wrote about relationship, but not with King (3)
18 The newspapers etc made it up (5)
20 The ultimate gravity of westerly weather alert (7)
23 Being artless, returning from China? (5)
24 Loan taken out when distributing conjugal property of northern musicians? (3)
25 Deoxygenated blood? Woman’s injected mixture (5)
26 Who can top one’s first big fish? (4)
29 Quantity of E this chap’s stolen from the research rooms (4)
31 A colossal plodder, essentially (3)
32 Church is beyond tidy, of course (5)
33 Lamb’s output, say, reviewed by an expert (3)
34 Poet’s kept secret with craft fuelled by nitrogen (4)
35 Top singers backing sand dancer in hit (3)
36 Sources often sadly not given with faulty definition (4)
37 A new gig? Band feeding press rewritten chords (9)
38 Having more bristles to check over after a week on vacation (6)
39 Boat impounded by Shetland Island yet to be let off (6)

1 Worm casts reacting with air (7)
2 Your setter eschews lifting artworks (5)
3 With elder of Annecy from the mountains (6)
4 A double life revolving around maiden name of woman (6)
5 Alaskan, maybe occupying desk? I am obsessed! (6)
6 For one detective, it was painful picking up a bulky mass (5)
7 Den’s escalation in vice is suppressed by love of God (7)
11 Engine part almost ready for Malaysian’s attention (8, 2 words)
12 Clown has no fun playing with fire (8, 2 words)
19 Jonathan’s local rhubarb crumbles appealing, wanting a very little taste? (8)
20 Military vehicle transporting one from underneath monuments (8)
21 At first Gorbachev’s sadly at a loss to describe new policy (8)
22 Refuse to ignore union stuffing born victim (8)
26 This music is able to attract bar audiences, primarily (5, 3 words)
27 Cycling is doing something easy as a gamble (6, 2 words)
28 Thank you letter from Athens has a special mark (6)
29 For something stimulating, mother’s ruin is necked by old solver (6)
30 “Mr Uncool”, retro verse Igor’s sure found boring (5)

All entries to be received by 2 September 2022.

The first correct entry drawn will receive a £75 CUP book token and a copy of the catalogue that accompanies the acclaimed exhibition, Hockney’s Eye: The Art and Technology of Depiction. The exhibition runs until 29 August 2022 at The Fitzwilliam Museum and The Heong Gallery, Downing College.

Two runners-up will receive a £50 CUP book token. Solutions and winners will be published in CAM 97 and online on 16 September 2022.