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About CAM

The University’s alumni magazine

Welcome to the new online home of CAM. Here you will find the latest issue of CAM, as well as additional audio and visual content.

You can visit the CAM archive to browse through back issues, or search for articles on your favourite topic.

Look out for online exclusives which will be coming soon.

Receive CAM the way that suits you

To opt out of receiving the print edition and/or be sent an email when the latest edition is available online, please complete the update form.

Delays to international post

Alumni in our international community may be aware that it has been taking an increasingly long time for CAM to reach them. Unfortunately, external factors beyond our control are greatly impacting delivery times. We sincerely apologise and ask for your patience during these turbulent times.

CAM wrapping

What is my print edition of CAM wrapped in?

The magazine is wrapped in 30%+ recycled film.

Can the film be recycled?

Yes, the film can be recycled provided your local government has the infrastructure in place for it to be processed.

Those residing in the UK can look up their nearest recycling point.

Why is CAM no longer wrapped in compostable film, and now wrapped in recyclable film?

A new UK law, which came into force in April 2022, means that a Plastic Tax will be applied to virgin plastics. The Plastic Tax has also been applied to compostable film.

It is understood that this is because not everyone has the facilities in their home to compost the film. This results in a high proportion of the film going into landfill or being incinerated leading to the release of methane from the potato, starch, and other vegetable-based content.

Additionally, the UK does not currently have the infrastructure in place to recycle compostable film. Moreover, if the film gets mixed up with conventional plastic films, it has a damaging impact on the recycling process.

Members of our alumni community have also written to us to say that they are unable to compost the film.

Given the above concerns, which are reinforced by the Plastic Tax implemented by the UK government, CAM is now wrapped in a 30%+ recycled film which can be recycled.

Rest assured the Development and Alumni Office will continue to review the situation to ensure that CAM is packaged in as environmentally friendly a way as possible.

Read more about the University’s commitment to sustainability.