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No Shelter in Row 5 by Nimrod

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No Shelter in Row 5 by Nimrod

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All rows and most columns consist of two answers whose clues are run together in either order without overlapping; the break may or may not be marked by punctuation. Across answers that fall partially in the silver zone (ie those in Rows 4-8) are entered jumbled; likewise Down answers that do not (ie Columns 1-3 and 12-14). The lengths of unjumbled answers are to be deduced.

Two solutions are too long for the space available and overlap: in doing so they interrupt crossing answers. Leaving real words in the grid and keeping in mind the puzzle’s title, solvers must deal with the situation in accordance with the conclusion of a work, the five-word subtitle of which (to be written under the grid) is cryptically represented by the 40 letters in the silver zone.

*An asterisk indicates that one answer in a pair is two words.



1 Trainer always fixes odds on boxer alias Prince, caught by big punch (being unable to get up)

2 Be too harsh on motor deliveries? Vicar elects to rearrange garage’s last stop

3* Stop hosting ‘soft’ Public Image: old neglected singer John tracks right back in slower line

4 Silver parts so long slow movements when revolving do grass surfaces (7;7)

5* “Frills” rating in notes what results from devolving score in baseball rubber (6;8)

6 “Old land border I stole around” – worthy admits hard work maintains divinity (7;7)

7 Men dallying securing final goal choice including kinky nude swinger! (8;6)

8 Sedated orderly determined features with points taken in turns, outwardly (7;7)

9* Slyly look to catch a perjurer from Glasgow actually on shift in Italy

10 Indoors, wild mute swan (with a missing 12-inch ruler) shot

11 Presumption, maybe, with reorganisation under ‘S’, gas lamp rashly filled by amateur with sulphur



1 Beer-guzzling woman’s NHS GP takes £1,000 cut (4;7)

2 Ducks see bats, as I do, circling rodent (futile heading off for edge of meadow) (6;5)

3 Covered, medic took off south from European capital city wanting rise in veld (5;6)

4 Ordered to control blooming tantrum!

5 Two rings would keep this beam up, restoring bolts very quickly

6* Not entirely over gout – so ruin house party?

7 For more than one cabinet reshuffling ravenous ministers first to go!

8 Cress sprinkled over roast lamb – they’d be begging for that in Waverley

9 Broody music elevated No.1 over one-time resident of No.10 and garden

10* Antique further deprives buddies of power, as will excluding some from lower order?

11 Vicious Prince covered by permit

12 Amused one exam’s sent over with page missing notice

(it finally provides ways in) (6;5)

13 Media people in hotel collaborated as sportsmen together to set me up with date (5;6)

14 “More than one spoke up to auditor going through last of the brew”: letter’s personal opening (7;4)


All entries to be received by 4 September 2020. Solutions and winners will be published online on 11 September 2020.