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“DON’T STOP ME NOW” by Nimrod

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“DON’T STOP ME NOW” by Nimrod

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The thematic answer to one clue is represented in the completed grid in three ways: (a) skipping cell 4, the clockwise perimeter contains four phrases (11 words) whose corner and unchecked cells could make you GASP – URGE HIGH-CWT FAD; (b) five clue answers are identically modified before entry; (c) 14 cells (two separate blocks, appropriately oriented) in the final grid must be highlighted. All final grid entries are real words, phrases or proper nouns. All clues and non-thematic entries are normal. One clue answer is the colloquial derivation (in SOED) of a common word.


8 Island Inn in use – regulars refused entry (4)

9 A sufficient amount duo moved in jails (5)

12 Opening something to promote vermouth (4)

13 More agreeable taking a spin with you downhill in winter (6, 2 words)

14 Gutted, I return to catch Greek (6)

16 Harass hill horse (3)

18 A female from Frankfurt eyes antique (4)

19 In florist’s make a move and soak counter (5)

21 Old judge is powerful enough to track son (4)

22 Not completely protect gum (4)

25 Randy Aussie still withdrawn about love (4)

27 What binocular vision uses when picking out wee gadgets? (4)

28 Iniquitous haunts opened from the rear with a handle (5)

29 One in a series of Christian names (4)

30 No hospital in Scottish city’s over infection (5)

31 The last to go to grass (3)

32 Dead contemptible person? On reflection, Victoria’s much the same (5)

33 English neo-impressionist’s rejected inferior object (5)

35 Illuminated dusty entrance after vocal exchange (5)

37 It’s cold-blooded – one’s partner blinded, according to report? (3)

39 Such characters in Alice in Wonderland! (3)

40 Hugged by each other with passion (3)

42 Country gate passes out of view (6)

44 Peer? A voyeur, finally, will (6)

45 Movement seen having gone off radiation band (3)

46 Tailor’s repairs to these coverings (5)

47 Was Model T, when reversing? (3)


1 Sorry what’s used to fill meringue is nuts (6)

2 Weird giving me beer and wine alternately (5)

3 Water is weedkiller in part (4)

4 Madcap joke books from the south (5)

5 Folk would be honoured to wear these neat crosses (4)

6 One leading lament sadly intones syllables (5)

7 I clean walls in chilling folly (6)

10 I’m not sure this man’s going to fire lost feeling (9)

11 Old school boards set off (9)

15 Spikes and another thing to pack bats into (6)

17 Division Two clubs answer news about banning women (6)

19 Make top of tor with this tool (4)

20 In contact with theologian who made living from Fleet Street cuttings? (4)

23 Sort of measure that protects one’s core ID (8)

24 Marine being lifted is, without a hitch, no good (8, 2 words)

26 Lear’s Uncle is coming into what rather soon? (8)

34 In morning’s first sign of light, I see girl dancing (5)

36 Man at home in Madrid maybe cycled here from Oslo? (5)

38 Political extremists cutting 37’s cake? (4)

41 Oil buttocks (central region only) (4)

43 Engaged in comprehending – say – reading, sculpture or painting? (3)

44 Total load, or just a third? (3)

All entries to be received by 9 February 2024. Solutions and winners will be published in CAM 101 and online on 1 March 2024.