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Bits and pieces

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Of the 53 grid entries, 31 are clued normally and are listed in alphabetical order of their solutions. Ten other (Thematic) clues, for two answers each and also systematically alphabetised, consist only of two sets of wordplay run together. Solvers must fit the bits and pieces together wherever they will go – and highlight the two unclued answers in the final grid. Asterisked clues lead to answers of two words, including one of the answers in the ninth paired clue. Chambers Dictionary (2016) is recommended, but does not give one well-known foreign phrase. Two proper nouns and three other answers are supported by SOED and/or ODE.


  • Beer-sozzled lover of old duke wanting to stay in seedy auberge
  • Header from Chelsea centre back that’s sweet finds right side of goal
  • What’s integral to author and his inside room? There’s only one left
  • Top manager almost returns a shilling donated by Pretender
  • Coming across as genuine? A little deceitful at heart
  • Jack facing up to odd scheme – the fifth?
  • In churches in eg Kent, blue is not well liked, even at the outset
  • Fly back over South Dakota, fixing man by Missouri?
  • *Sons fool around as request is kicked about
  • Farewell cheers serving girl, facetiously sheltering Resistance


  • One dances naked, forgetting what’s essential for dignity (3)
  • Around Germany’s Red Zone, one implements gas charges (7)
  • *Typically offhand about compilers omitting first of clues (7)
  • *Too fashionable to support America? (6)
  • Heading for signboard after doing ‘@’ signs (3)
  • Scottish judge’s new introduction to Nicene Creed (6)
  • Rising French runner keeps me in the competition? (7)
  • During lengthening evenings it’s heard repeatedly – but seen only once (3)
  • Wooden barrier protecting superior earthenware (7)
  • Irish workhorse wanting to head north can set out from Reading? (6)
  • Small hills seen when cycling out of SE European capital (6)
  • One depressed about firing British X-ray pioneer (4)
  • Old Master using English in writing notes (3)
  • Indian barber being very slow trimming sides (3)
  • Northern artist retiring to part of Galicia (5)
  • Fine chopped raw seed pods (4)
  • Listener’s warning extremists ignored (4)
  • Small part of old picture Stanhope lens reveals (3)
  • *Criminal charge is what we got out of entering lift (7)
  • Leaving east of town, resort screens a secluded spot (6)
  • Partners holding hands excitedly learn about kiss of life? (7)
  • God of the sun (chap’s gathered) and moon (4)
  • Eat mid-morning meal, avoiding black and white charlock (5)
  • *Look after Oscar – “TT” – relapsing … (5)
  • … council toper, cherishing life in Brittany (6)
  • A couple of sessions drinking endless “fruit juice” in Ed’s Bar (6)
  • Fool reversing near back edge of mine shaf t (4)
  • Over the Pond, decoy might ring a bell (4)
  • *Taking every second turn, speed up a bit round Montmartre (5)
  • Poles cutting up Aberdeen on wings free team (6)
  • Sex with Henry in sun angered deity (6)


Competition details:

All entries to be received by 15 May 2020.

Solutions and winners will be published online on 22 May 2020.

The first correct entry drawn will receive £75 of vouchers to spend on Cambridge University Press publications and a copy of Feast & Fast: The Art of Food in Europe: 1500-1800 (Fitzwilliam Museum). Two runners-up will also receive £50 to spend on CUP publications.