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Your directory to alumni life: events, benefits and updates.

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Alumni Travel Programme

Continue your lifelong journey of discovery with the Alumni Travel Programme. It offers opportunities to voyage to an extraordinary array of the world’s most amazing locations, including journeys through Antarctica, Peru, Sri Lanka and Romania.

Alumni Careers Connect

Becoming a mentor is easy with Alumni Careers Connect – just provide your Cambridge alumni email address and some basic information to sign up. Mentees will only be able to contact you via Alumni Careers Connect, unless you specify another method.


The CAMCard is issued free to all alumni and instantly identifies you as a member of the University. It is your official alumni card and with it you can visit Colleges open to visitors without paying an entrance fee. The CAMCard also gives holders access to a range of discounts and offers at a number of shops, hotels and restaurants in Cambridge. To find out more about everything your CAMCard entitles you to, or to get yours, visit the website.

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Journals and online resources

Explore your free access to a number of online academic resources wherever you live around the world, including Higher Education from Cambridge University Press, which offers the highest-quality content to support successful teaching and learning journeys in today’s rapidly changing educational environment.

University podcasts

Listen to podcasts covering a wide range of topics from across the University, brought to you by members of the Cambridge community. Featured podcasts include Made the Same Way, bringing together emerging artists and researchers to discuss science, life and music, and People Doing Physics, produced by the Cavendish Laboratory and exploring the personal side of physics.

Digital resources

Explore a wealth of online resources from Cambridge’s Colleges, departments, museums and much more. From virtual tours to online exhibitions and webinars, there’s something for everyone.

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Alumni Groups

Would you like to meet up with like-minded people and access a friendly global network? You’re eligible to join more than 400 volunteer-led Alumni Groups, a remarkable network of engaged alumni sharing a passion and commitment to Cambridge. Most Groups are geographic, while some bring together alumni in the same sector or with a shared interest. Find your nearest Group.

Alumni bookshelf

Read recently published titles from the Cambridge community, as well as books with a link to the University or Cambridge.

Alumni Book Club

Join the debate with your fellow alumni at the bi-monthly virtual Alumni Book Club, now with dedicated College forums and virtual author talks. Members vote during each reading period to choose the next book, and participation is free for alumni.

Alumni Festival 2023

This year’s Alumni Festival runs from 22 to 24 September. As well as delving into the transformational ideas created at the University and hearing from its leading academics, you can reconnect with fellow alumni and collegiate Cambridge to discover how they are developing solutions to world-wide challenges.

Cambridge Conversations

Listen, connect and engage with current Cambridge thinking in this popular webinar series. Discover upcoming events and past recordings.

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