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What’s My Line? by Nimrod

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What’s My Line? by Nimrod

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My Line: __________________________

Nimrod has a new job. Wordplay in each clue indicates the occurrence of a superfluous letter. In clue order these letters spell two definitions from Chambers, each of which hints at a corresponding set of 34 cells to be highlighted in the completed grid. Solvers should deduce my (three-word) job and enter it under the grid. Optionally, the two sets of 34 cells may be highlighted in different colours.


2 Ernie’s partner’s return with interest to supply new merger? (7)

11 Flower nectar finally presented to queen bees (5)

12 Rejected the raw deal involving pop-up producer (6)

13 Future of French state curbing winter’s halting of growth (6)

14 The chief ingredient stuffed with very good fish (5)

15 Smartie pants secured item to assist the press (9, 2 words)

17 Planned something one might need to batter parts to eat (6)

19 Protection for military personnel, titan struggles to overcome (6, 2 words)

20 Dramatist’s current book recalled Scot’s own grandchildren (8)

22 It clocks how many spring games area’s about to stage (7)

24 The backing of others carries no meaning (5)

25 Something of a wheeze, gathering in profits (5)

27 Town branch taking possession of mineral (7)

31 Learn about a rank Romeo’s holding in a little bit of Shakespeare (8)

33 Left No1 subdued by mug’s big stick (6)

34 Arsenic rating linked to mercury distillate (6)

35 Disorder of colour style embodied by surrealist’s order (9)

38 Back in time, bar to worship (5)

39 Ships deserted ahead of characteristic narrow passage (6)

41 Send back turkey before tea, reportedly unfit for consumption (6)

42 Dispatched in the direction of fight (5)

43 Signal from ref: game on! (7)


1 Business endlessly flashy DI’s using as base (7)

2 I’ll get along to bar after work sealing vessel (9)

3 Just when half of menu’s cut, see the full picnic turning up (6, 2 words)

4 Peak’s come and gone (3)

5 Used old tiller to move boat through rising river (5)

6 Father overwhelmed by his mum’s City of Wine (4)

7 Lovers of poetry being put down by comic I saw (6)

8 Department’s growth oddly ignored in river area (7)

9 Odd selection given a boost by Radio Shropshire (4, 2 words)

10 One observing sandpiper exhibit post-migratory behaviour? (7)

16 Time passed in cycling lodges when camping (5)

18 Midsummer Night’s pieces (3) 19 Pacific staple cheers Australian native (4)

21 Old fuddy-duddy’s wrong age for maintaining mass well (9)

23 Happen to rise above a poet’s dark (4)

24 Period architectural feature’s square (5)

25 Shade off blue in grid (7)

26 Character turns up in drive, poundless, to beg? Seriously (7)

28 More than one chap in jest takes excessive medication (3)

29 Try stirring up riot? I’ll get what’s coming to me (7)

30 Skin on large seabird (6)

32 Native American throwing stick at eg lynx by lake and away from land (6)

34 Icelandic chap thuggish, like hoods? (5)

36 Paradise south of a Red Sea port (4)

37 I will not set up amateur boatbuilder (4)

40 The most prominent of relics still rot (3)

All entries to be received by 21 May 2021.

The first correct entry drawn will receive a £75 CUP book token and a copy of The Human Touch: Making Art, Leaving Traces (Paul Holberton Publishing). The exhibition The Human Touch: Making Art, Leaving Traces will open on 18 May 2021 at the Fitzwilliam Museum. Two runners-up will receive a £50 CUP book token. Solutions and winners will be published in CAM 93 and online on 4 June.