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“Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right” by Nimrod

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“Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right” by Nimrod

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A certain activity in which a wife says she saw her husband engaging is represented in the completed grid on a small scale (“S”, just once) and on a larger scale (“L”). Wordplay in 30 clues leads to an extra letter not entered in the grid. In clue order these letters spell the (modified) first part of the husband’s denial; the remainder is given in “L”. The other 11 clues ignore in their wordplay one letter or, in two cases, two letters of the defined entry. Including “S”, these letters identify the husband. Solvers must highlight “L” in one colour and the husband’s identity in another. Readily verifiable online, 31 appears in Chambers as a word only in the etymology under its entry as a prefix.


1 Reverse integrated circuit in inferior encryption system (6)

5 Suitable partner fills in contract (7)

10 Considering what timid girl stood for, women must be put first (6)

11 Indian royalty remains open for revolution (6)

12 Back catalogue weirdly has parts for revenue division (6)

13 What launches skyward in pursuit of winged gods (7)

15 Hammers some of them left and right, so we should! (8)

16 Greek letter is short of one apostrophe (5)

17 Melody Knight is wearing trousers (7)

19 A little bit off, keeping sweet (6)

24 Curious, is he, regularly an individual who digs deeper? (13)

28 Companies avoiding mainstream go from one extreme to the other (6)

30 Terrible bar harassed at opening during CIA ring activity (7)

32 Dishwashers will break if not intricately wired, they rule (5)

33 Increasingly frank French satire (8)

34 Spirit is necked by soldier out on manoeuvres (7)

35 Pacific current heading for Nauru: more wintry winds about (6)

36 Person winning sex clubs in two minds? (6)

37 Pedestrian rural horse doctor with returns in silver (6)

38 Wrinkles on skin run relaxes (7)

39 Nothing that a daring high-wire performer would say? (6, 2 words)


1 Detective story’s possible murder weapon? (5)

2 Throw round watery mixture of melting snow (6)

3 Stop veneering front of sideboard that is now clear varnish? (8)

4 A post with every firm, one used to beat about the bush! (8)

5 They’re said to tremble, so swan-keeper does (6)

6 Ready for Shakespeare passage performed very quickly (5)

7 Some poetry entertainment put on about Christmas spirits (8)

8 A classic Ford model one came upon among fifty-one estates (9)

9 She sets about doctoral submissions (6)

14 Grease-stained space readily vacated (6)

18 Escape snarling dog in a cave (9)

20 Church disunion that is a source of pleasure for some (6)

21 Like Status Quo covering Cream and adding old material? (8)

22 Excellent new mineral bagged up by chap from Lydia (8)

23 At intervals the wren, with trill, is the complex origin of ____? (8)

25 Clip? It’s taken from university hit song (6)

26 Ducks sound like crows flying in sections (6)

27 Look down on old blue faceless rotary engine, one number scratched (6)

29 Last quarter cut by one famous for directing film music (5)

31 Long first principle (5)

All entries to be received by 26 May 2023.

The first correct entry drawn will receive a £75 CUP book token and a copy of Lucie Rie’s The Adventure of Pottery, which accompanies a major exhibition (until 25 June) at Kettle’s Yard. Two runners-up will receive a £50 CUP book token.

Solutions and winners will be published in CAM 99 and online on 9 June 2023.