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Odd One Out by Nimrod

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Odd One Out by Nimrod

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Five thematic items (eight words) run clockwise around the perimeter. In several clues a single letter of the answer is ignored in the wordplay; these letters spell what is temporally and titularly the Odd One Out and are to be highlighted in the grid in one colour. Solvers must fill the central cell and highlight the overall link in another colour. The colours are entirely of solvers’ own choosing, 17 cells are to be highlighted in total. Unchecked letters of the perimeter including corner cells give AGED CAM HICCUP GAG.


8 Low-scoring draw missing an edge – and the other element (4)

9 In retrospect, poet’s output is without something to be expressed (7)

11 Woman in top job concealed in handkerchiefs unlimited mineral (8)

12 Italian director ready for West African (5)

13 Pub landlord’s first to stop language used by some Scots footpad? (9, 2 words)

14 Italian with bubbles and over twice the ‘oomph’! (4)

15 Native Americans returning false love (6)

17 A new hawk (4)

18 Eat out in Le Café, and see who’s inside (4)

20 Inuit tents – or ‘Inui- -en-s’, as they’re about to do repeatedly? (6)

22 Support one working in Autumn Garden? (5)

23 Going west like Mr Strange; like Mr Dull going east! (5)

25 City Chairman has done back (6)

26 Try a character at the west of Land’s End (4)

27 Ridge of gravel or sand, usually not rubber (4)

28 Linesman (PL) one’s denied cuffing (6)

31 Exits from constabulary (I later walk local beat) (4)

32 Johnny is upset Penny spilled beans (9)

34 Do one for real (5)

35 Earth is so rocky (8)

36 Scripture like this in one’s baseless prayers? (7)

37 Injury sustained by old pack forward for Wales (4)


1 City in Brittany almost entirely “run” by Ed (5)

2 Like cops’ sudden raid, preventing detonation? (7)

3 Warner’s third single’s taken off hard ball from Wood (4)

4 Celtic flag over rugby posts? (5)

5 Is successful doctor of acoustics more than just a spur? (5)

6 Shown jeans on peg for driving about (9)

7 Ropes in London’s Burning the worst-case scenario? (6)

10 Time invested studying Drama, maybe – or Introductory Music (7)

16 One leading Regius Professor will load a large gun (9, 2 words)

19 Monkey flamboyantly displaying its rear? (7)

20 You shouldn’t have sat on union cross (3)

21 One is paid for the motion (3)

24 Today’s funny name to be inserted? I hope the opposite (7, 2 words)

25 Pulse rising, at upper limit (6)

28 Stooped to uncover the eldest of ancient family? (5)

29 Explorer on the radio, say? (5)

30 Not the staple northern painting (top Lowry?) (5)

33 In hospital in Aberdeen, joint showing signs of age (4)

All entries to be received by 12 February 2021.

The first correct entry drawn will receive a £75 CUP book token and a copy of Alfred Wallis: Ships and Boats in celebration of the Alfred Wallis Rediscovered exhibition (until 3 January 2021 at Kettle’s Yard). Two runners-up will receive a £50 CUP book token. Solutions and winners will be published in CAM 92 and online on 26 February.