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Eating Out by Nimrod

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Eating Out by Nimrod

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The answers to 10 normal clues must each be thematically modified before entry. Each of the other clues contains a definition of the answer (one word or more) plus a consecutive jumble of its letters, beginning at the beginning or ending at the end of a word in the clue. Each jumble involves a single extra letter; in clue order the letters spell the first two words and last two words of a three-sentence quotation involving a thematic comparison (from the person whose name is jumbled in the silver squares) and the surname of its originator.

The central across answer must be deduced. Solvers must highlight an appropriate direction in one row of the final grid.

The entry at 29dn may be verified online.


1 Opening case of crab-food, it hurt woman’s hand (7)

7 Great meal! (Mum hugs maitre d’!) (4)

10 In Iran, peppered wing is the epitome of bliss! (7)

12 Comic hit barbie, set kindling alight (4)

13 The ale mugs of Old Bones brasserie (6)

14 Coffee morning is expecting record attendance (6, 2 words)

15 Flavour is hindered by infusion of sage (5)

16 Living, say, on beef and chorizo pie? Ice cream follows (7)

20 Outlets called “Taj Mahal” flung far and wide (4)

22 Men fighting for Sir Walter I treat in McDonald’s! (6)

24 Note from Escoffier maybe to elect trade committee (6)

26 Morse joins me at All Souls High Table (4)

27 Order ciabattas – plain, no olives (7)

29 Wildly chimerical, serving this juicy fruit with cream! (5)

30 Colouring matter from our OU cookery classes (6)

32 Sweet pieces of pain aux raisin or pain au chocolat? (6)

33 Bar mitzvah food synagogue hubs locally sourced (4)

34 Councils provided checks – one can tuck in! (7)

35 A little vintage light ale to refuel me (4)

36 Ceremonial carriage? Take one’s starter in it with Rosie Lee (7)


1 Key part to play while boxing salad plants (9)

2 Fish soup will be on the hob, I know (4)

3 Committee found garlic rigatoni Best in House (9)

4 Spoilt in Old Aberdeen fish restaurant (5)

5 Nine vegetarians in tonight’s party (7)

6 Scandal rocks hotel! Bar manager and waitress resign (8)

7 Feature of bathroom in B&B – and breakfast room, irregularly? (6)

8 Loosened up after a few doubles in Savoy bar! (9)

9 Buffet has to win the heart of the King (4)

11 Calculator out for bill to cap balti night (4)

17 Agree the prix fixes, featuring cheesecake? (9)

18 What Thomas accidentally dropped from food bag? (9)

19 Contacts that will do turns arranged potato on cold counter (9)

21 Café sorting “rations” for the troops! (8)

23 Tendency not to change from certain Indian takeaways (7)

25 Feature of sponges served in novelty hotel (6)

27 A knife, please, for the Cheviot lamb! (4)

28 How retro gastronomer’s goose is cooked! (5)

29 Feature of crab salad topped with a dash of Colman’s (4)

31 Passover drink, when putting plates of matzo out (4)

All entries to be received by 3 September 2021. The first correct entry drawn will receive a £75 CUP book token and a copy of Walking Cambridge by Andrew Kershman (Metro Publications). This illustrated guide details eight fascinating walks around the city. Two runners-up will receive a £50 CUP book token. Solutions and winners will be published in CAM 94 and online on 10 September.