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CAM 95 crossword solution – Match of the Day? by Nimrod

The final grid depicts MAN’s pursuit of Africa’s so-called, difficult-to-hunt, “BIG GAME” animals, LION (named examples: SIMBA, ASLAN), LEOPARD (change-a-letter: LEOTARD, JEOPARD), black RHINO (money slang: BRASS, GRAVY), bush ELEPHANT (anagram: HELEN, PAT) and BUFFALO (type of: TREEHOPPER, MOZZARELLA).

The Vs in the grid, corrected from BIG GAME, are joined to form a BIG (Roman numeral) FIVE, the non-match being MAN V. the BIG FIVE.


Winner: David Pennycuick (Clare 1958)

Runners-up: Philip Mitchell (Churchill 1972) and Chris Williamson (Churchill 2005).