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CAM 94 crossword solution – Another Brick in the Wall by Nimrod


The four sets, silvered for information only, are Professors (QUATERMASS, CALCULUS, PLUM, XAVIER), London Royal Parks (RICHMOND, BUSHY, RICHMOND, HYDE), R.E.M. studio albums (REVEAL, MURMUR, ACCELERATE, MONSTER) and Finches (ZEBRA, WEAVER, GOLD, SNOW).  Ignored letters in the clues for the Wall answers spell APTLY COLOUR TITLE: the central cell being Another Brick in the Wall, representing the potential common fifth member of each group, i.e. GREEN.

Winner: Miss Sara Rae (Girton 1975)

Runners-up: Brian Midgley (St Catharine’s 1957), John McCabe (Girton 1989)