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CAM 94 crossword – Another Brick in the Wall by Nimrod

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CAM 94 crossword – Another Brick in the Wall by Nimrod

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In an Only Connect Wall, 16 arbitrarily arranged words, phrases or names must be sorted into four groups of four, each group with a different thematic link. In this puzzle, such a wall is formed using answers to the 16 clues that appear neither at their correct numbers nor with their correct letter-counts. Wordplay for each such clue ignores one answer letter; in printed order, these letters spell an instruction solvers must carry out in the final grid. “Wall” answers are symmetrically disposed in the grid. All other clues and entries are normal. The shortened form at 12 is in Collins, SOED and ODE; its regular form is in Chambers. 27 is in SOED.


    1  Crossing that more than one breeze would facilitate (10)

  11  Top hat choice! (8)

  12  Egotist’s favourite subjects covered by medic’s printed document (5)

  13  Souped up imitation (6)

  15  Fee-paying fans leaving on vacation fortunately staying near the ground (7)

  18  Ring compiler’s mobile pouched by girlfriend (6)

  19  Treatment accepted by guru (5)

  20  Aged sufferer accommodated by homes and elsewhere (5)

  21  New Year treats put out at intervals (3)

  22  Spy unit of some substance (4)

  23  To pick up repaired ring I’m forsaking new marriage licence (5)

  24  Staying united, red bats last out of the ark (4)

  25  Superior object of devotion (6)

  28  Literary hand behind several murders resident in South Devon (6)

  30  Lovers of old signs of affection (4)

  33  N Yorkshire community’s hearts captured by scintillating Nimrod! (5)

  36  Life at home only partly cushy for Ed (4)

  39  Old stick who followed Trygve around? (3)

  40  Wind from South America? Somewhere else, clearly! (5)

  41  Uncommonly sticky military types in gym working out (5)

  42  Indo-European forged ID card (6)

  45  Scoring zero repeatedly, to win it so unlikely for us? (7)

  46  Being blue-eyed boy with multinational Number One may add to this (6)

  47  Four players not getting question about tropical fish (5)

  48  One flying north covers disturbance on screen (8)

  49  Body mass accumulates, unhappily, when digesting stewed meat (10)


    2  Honeyeaters cycling round Hebridean islands (4)

    3  Brilliant bathroom powder obliterating cloudy liquid (6)

    4  Brutal practices one’s uniquely embraced in Yorkshire? (7)

    5  Evidently wiped clean memory space (4)

    6  Horsemen mounting up comprising units for Remembrance (6)

    7  Circus employee an icon of peace and happiness! (6)

    8  Zip Corporation workforce is stitching fold (7)

    9  Giant landmark of York one’s overlooked (6)

  10  Outbacker’s near, keeping quiet! (7)

  13  Curious I’m thinking about complaint (4)

  14  Something chancer throws on black jackal (4)

  16  Johnson has confused lining and underfur (5)

  17  They’re trusted to rule on clan of ancient Rome (4)

  25  Missionary Francis so named by state (7)

  26  Sentry keeping an eye out regretted ever ascending keeps (7)

  27  Scots assail the state of France (5, 2 words)

  29  Unhappily, uncorrected slips tend – sadly – to happen again (7)

  31  Eccentric marquess harbours a space scientist (6)

  32  Show the first female nude in The Sun (4)

  33  About twelve, looking up? (6)

  34  Lie about bear pouches (6)

  35  Local opposed to Plymouth, say? (4)

  37  Botched role in Carmen, perhaps, or The Ring? (6)

  38  Bottom, perhaps, one brandishes (4)

  43  Plant sap identified in the Bush? (4)

  44  Mix of pleasure and pain as expressed in Latin obscenities (4)

All entries to be received by 11 February 2022. The first correct entry drawn will receive a £75 CUP book token and a copy of A Life on Our Planet, My Witness Statement and a Vision for the Future by David Attenborough (Ebury). Two runners-up will receive a £50 CUP book token. Solutions and winners will be published in CAM 95 and online on 25 February 2022.