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CAM 93 crossword solution – Eating Out by Nimrod

Winner: Matthew Brockwell (Downing 2013)

Runners-up: Frances Williams (Newnham 1970) and Joanna Choules (Fitzwilliam 2013)

Solution and notes:

The full quote, from NEIL GAIMAN (silver cells) is – extra letters in capitals – ‘GENRE FICTION is a stew. You take stuff out of the pot, you put stuff back. The stew BUBBLES ON.’; its originator Terry PRATCHETT. Normal clues gave COWHERD, NIRVANA, RISHI, LICHI, SOVIETS, CHARIOT, ESCAROLES, SHAH, OSCULATES and CLAW, rearranged to give stews (red cells). The central answer TAGINE, also a stew, is given cryptically by the puzzle’s title. The direction WEST is STEW “in a stew”.