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CAM 88 crossword solution – Not our names by Nimrod

Winner: Linda Hutchinson (Churchill 1978)
Runners-up: William Longley (Jesus 1956), Tim Sheldon (Jesus 1974)


The three Themes are the names of University TERMs at Oxford (sorry).

Theme A (MICHAELMAS): CLAIM/SHAME & SCHEMA/LIMA (rhyming anagrams)

Theme B (HILARY): JONES/BENN & SWANK/MANTEL (famous male/female Hilarys)


Clue notes

A normally-clued answer, to be highlighted in the final grid, defines each of three Themes (A, B & C) which are to be deduced. Each Theme (not appearing in the grid) is associated with two pairs of Variations (see below), each clued in alphabetical order of solution by wordplay only, to be entered in the silvered slots in the grid jigsaw-fashion. The pairs of Variations are related to their theme in a similar way, but this is different for each theme.

THEME A: VARIATIONS 26ac/38ac & 39ac/20dn

THEME B: VARIATIONS 13ac/2dn & 25ac/41ac

THEME C: VARIATIONS 5dn/17dn & 6ac/36dn


  • Live news?
  • He won’t want to say much about ego
  • Go on a Big Sur rambling holiday – west coast only?
  • May well rid of “Head of State”
  • Not taking care of Uncle Sam’s balls
  • Hollywood perhaps my current location?
  • Having vocal exchange in mind?
  • What, in retrospect, revamped CAM’s about
  • Expresses some surprise about crossword compiler
  • Rock concert free of ghastly country-dances!
  • Let in extra women
  • Spooner’s phoney lift, ready to use


    1  Flash and glitzy antique shrouding (7)

  10  Little sausage! (5)

  11  Difficulty digesting A Year in the Life of a Football Manager? (6)

  14  Paint ingredient acceptable, Titian restored by earl (8)

  16  Inn lout ravaged, needing women to date (8, 2 words)

  18  Items that follow so 9 get loose (3)

  19  The woman has unfortunately lost the case (7)

  23  Home between Kent and Hampshire perhaps suits Mark? (8)

  27  Again curates damn Moselle commune (8)

  28  Somerset town keeps writer spellbound (7)

  31  Go downhill fast after losing second fine pot? (3)

  32  Son left duck in position to catch old prowler (8)

  37  Dreadfully cruel, describing sage being denied whiskey chaser (8)

  40  With evil in heart, goes to Parisian holiday home (5)

  42  Could you confirm whether or not toboggan caused difficulty? (7)


    1  Pottery cases stored in soaring tower block (9)

    3  In reading up list, see old physician (5)

    4  The Tories, at the time of writing, not entirely cut up (3)

    6  One devout seed-spilling rustic (4)

    7  Heading for London cup match, this to make final? … (5)

    8  … score being 1-1, there’s no end to heat – tougher later (4)

    9  About a third slashed by a shop? (4, 2 words)

  10  Without a lot to engage lecturer of the fairer sex? (7)

  12  Stick figure, a little over three thousand, on an outside number (3-3)

  15  Make money to support pro (4)

  21  End of time? I’m not so sure (4)

  22  Tumour spreading from egomaniac’s heart (7)

  24  Native American band on tour of Long Island (6)

  25  The chap’s into it for a source of butter (4)

  29  In line to occupy Eel Pie Island? (5)

  30  Salah and Vardy regularly raising the pulse (5)

  33  Old bookmaker – hard going for one Muscovite? (4)

  34  Court 1337 (4)

  35  Guide swapping tips to do business (4)

  38  Contempt shown by South African relative (3)